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Why Buy Thunder Eagle® Products?

1) Reliability
For more than 14 years, the NWS and federal, state and local governmental agencies and corporations have successful used our Thunder Eagle units in demanding installations. Thunder Eagle units are built to the highest industrial standards, using state-of-the- art electronics and design methods.

2) Interoperability
Thunder Eagle equipment is designed to easily interface with state-of- the-art trunked and conventional communications systems. We are a national leader in 'interoperability' between NOAA weather radio and state-of-the art communications systems, including the delivery of time-critical alerts to two-way radio systems, public address systems, email, pagers, LED signboards and printers.

3) Patented Diagnostics
Thunder Eagle units have the best patented diagnostics in the industry. Thunder Eagle systems inform the user whether the decoder is operating normally and provide full diagnostic details on the last digital EAS/SAME alert. Our units also capture analog audio recordings of the last alert.

4) Cost Effectiveness
One Thunder Eagle unit can provide alerts to an entire school, factory or county though existing communications systems.

5) Built for field software upgrades
When necessary, the sophisticated software in Thunder Eagle equipment can be upgraded in the field. This avoids transportation costs and down time.

6) Cost Justification
Our systems are designed for both regular round-the-clock usage 24/7/365 and alert usage. The LED signboards can be used as a clock, as an electronic bulletin board for the client’s messages and also for alert messages.

Thunder Eagle Designs Its Own Products

Thunder Eagle designs its own products and software to ensure reliability and the ability to integrate our products into existing and future systems. We have been granted many United States and international patents for our products.

Our products have proven themselves in the field! Our units have been in active use by the National Weather Service (NWS) for more than 14 years to enable NWS personnel to monitor their broadcasts as well as Specific Area Message Encoding/ Emergency Alert System (SAME/EAS) alert messages. The Alert Eagle 400 (AE400) has become a valuable asset in the emergency severe weather operations mode of the NWS forecast offices. If any anomaly appears in a transmitted alert, the NWS can now correct the alert in time for the life-saving message to be successfully resent. The AE400 has helped the NWS save lives and property on numerous occasions, without interrupting critical NWS operations.

We have been a pioneer in ‘interoperability’ between the NWS and other pubic safety trunked and conventional communications systems located throughout the country. In 2006 the NWS awarded Dan Gropper, our president, a national Mark Trail award for creating systems that have helped the NWS to save lives and property. A number of our customers have also won this award for the installation of our systems!

In the post 9/11 world, NOAA weather radio is becoming the primary nationwide emergency alerting system. With the addition of non-weather emergency events, such as Amber Missing-Child Alerts, 911 telephone outages, tsunamis and volcanoes, NWR has truly become an “All Hazards” radio system. In the near future, local emergency managers, through FEMA, will be able to activate NWR for non weather emergencies. This will prove critical when seconds count.

WE110 – Stand-alone Receiver

WE110R-Rack Mount

WE110 Receiver -
AE120 SAME-EAS Decoder

WE105 Receiver -
AE400 SAME-EAS Decoder
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MRI-100 MultiRadio Interface

FipsServer Custom Weather Website

SP100 SignPrinter Interface

One Line LED Signboard

Two Line LED Signboard


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